A summer Easter surprise is possible – but so is rain

Late winter, which arrives at the weekend, does not last long in. During Holy Week it will quickly become milder again. A very brave weather model even has 25 degrees in the forecast. But it probably won’t stay dry. Rain plays a larger role again, especially towards Easter.

It’s a good thing that Easter isn’t already this Sunday. Because that is the late winter low point of the next few days. With strong and uncomfortable winds, there will be wet, cold April weather with rain showers and sleet thunderstorms, and in the mountains at altitudes of around 500 meters and above, there will be snow. It makes you shiver just reading it without knowing the bare numbers. They are called 7 to 11, in the mountains 3 (degrees). On Monday night, light frost and the risk of slippery conditions will come into play.

Weather Good Friday and Saturday: Changeable but mild

The frost and snow spooky is quickly over during Holy Week. On Monday there will still be showers in the north and east, otherwise it will become friendlier again. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be quite nice and mostly dry. It will be milder again, with maximum temperatures usually ranging between 10 degrees on the coast and 17 degrees in the south.


Weather Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: No snow! first day of summer?

The upward trend in temperatures will probably continue in the second half of the week towards Easter. It should be warm again like spring at 14 to 20 degrees, but at the sea you have to be content with 10 to 13 degrees. There are also values up to 25 degrees in the race. The European weather model is currently actually expecting a summer day on Easter Sunday for the far east. But that is also extremely uncertain. For comparison: The American weather model sees temperatures in the same region at a maximum of 15 degrees. In any case, there are many indications that there will be mild Easter days.


Rain or sun at Easter? It remains exciting

The weather development is even more uncertain when it comes to the distribution of sunshine and showers. And that is due to the still unknown exact behavior of the Atlantic lows, which determine the weather in Western Europe during Holy Week. Towards the east their influence diminishes. And that’s exactly where the (Easter) bunny is in trouble. How close are the lows to Europe? The current for turns southwest to south and mild. But if the lows slide a little further to the east, we are no longer in front of the low pressure event, but in the middle of it. “Offshoot lows can also form and move further east and then hit broadside,” says wetter.de meteorologist Paul Heger.

So the egg for Easter weather hasn’t been laid yet. It remains exciting to see how the (Easter) bunny goes and whether he brings rainy, sunny or mixed weather Easter days. We stay tuned.

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