Al Michaels calls playoff interceptions towards Jags by Asante Samuel and Asante Samuel Jr.

Now that is some good analysis and preparation.

Timothy Burke — @bubbaprog on Twitter — posted a unbelievable mixture video combining Al Michaels’ calls with Saturday’s AFC wild card recreation in Jacksonville and a playoff recreation 17 years and seven days in the past.

In 2006, the New England Patriots have been enjoying the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Byron Leftwich threw a cross that was intercepted by Asante Samuel and made a pick-six.

Quick-forward to Saturday, this time in Jacksonville, and Trevor Lawrence threw three interceptions within the first quarter, two to Asante Samuel Jr., son of the Patriots DB who drafted Leftwich greater than a decade in the past.

Samuel Jr. notched a hat-trick in 2023, choosing off Lawrence within the second quarter because the Chargers have been opening the sport.

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