Best cat breeds for children

Best cat breeds for children

It is believed that the best breeds of cats for children are famous for their gentle and calm nature, but at the same time, they are playful and energetic. When choosing a kitten for a baby, you should pay attention to his temperament: calm kittens are suitable for calm children, and, conversely, an active child will be much more interesting with an energetic pet. What breeds of cats get along best with children?

Abyssinian cat

An active, curious, and incredibly playful, the Abyssinian cat is one of the best candidates for the role of a beloved friend for a child. Representatives of the breed can not sit still, they are in constant motion. The Abyssinian will be happy to explore the apartment with the baby, run the race, and come up with another prank. Moreover, this cat is famous for its patience: the Abyssinian will not respond to a child’s attack, he will simply hide in a secluded place.

Maine Coon

A true giant in the cat world, Maine Coon is known not only for its impressive size but also for its complex character. But, despite independence and the desire for dominance, these cats are very kind to children. Maine Coon will carefully guard the kids, and older children will happily support the game.


Kind, affectionate, and calm ragdolls are ideal companions for children. Inexhaustible patience and the lack of aggression at the genetic level made these animals ideal fluffy nannies. However, there is one “but”: before starting a ragdoll, it is worth explaining to the kid that this kitten should not be thrown and dropped. These cats do not know how to group, so a fall from a height can end in failure for the pet.

Canadian Sphinx

The Canadian Sphinx is a great companion for families with children. This cat not only has a wonderful character but is also hypoallergenic. In addition, the sphinx easily gets along with other animals and will feel comfortable even if there is already a dog in the house.

In relation to children, representatives of the breed show all their sociability and activity, without demonstrating aggression. It is believed that during the breeding process, mentally unstable individuals were rejected, and today the sphinx is one of the friendliest breeds.

British Shorthair

A cat that knows its worth is a characteristic that accurately describes the British. Indeed, this breed is famous for its restraint and independence, but not in relation to children. The Briton is most attached to the child most of all, and therefore with genuine interest and devotion will share games and sleep with him.

Oriental cat

The exotic appearance and beautiful character of the oriental cat made her a favorite of children. In addition, cats of this breed are hyperactive, so they can support any child’s game. Oriental cats rarely release their claws, which is why parents may not worry about the health of their babies. Representatives of the breed are considered very affectionate cats, requiring increased attention to themselves. They are real talk lovers and can play a whole gamut of sounds, and children will certainly enjoy it.

Each breed of cats suitable for children has its own characteristics: from the exterior to the character. When choosing a pet, pay attention to his temperament, because all animals are individual. If the child has reached a conscious age, let him choose a kitten with you. Then they will definitely make friends.