How can I train butterfly dogs to obey the master’s orders?

How can I train butterfly dogs to obey the master's orders?

Most pets like to make their owners happy, so they are also happy to obey their owners’ orders. The well-trained butterfly dogs obey the master’s orders, this is to make them live better under human norms. Butterfly dogs can start training after six months, although they still want to play at this time. But the owner can just use this to integrate training into the game so that they can also adapt to training. So in the process of training butterfly dogs, what else should the owner pay attention to?

If the owner wants the butterfly dogs to remember their names, it is best to give them names with only two syllables, because it is also easier for them to remember. Every time the owner plays with the butterfly dog, he can repeat his name. It must be done to the extent that after calling it, it can stop to listen to the master. If the owner can train this to attract the attention of the butterfly dog, then he can train other content.

Before training, the host should also prepare some tools. For example, neck rings for special training, better quality chains, and ropes about 10 meters long. If you want to train a butterfly dog ​​to move forward, the owner should let it follow him first. Then immediately took the short-chain in, and after giving the order to go in, patted the thigh with the palm of your hand. If the owner finds the butterfly dog ​​hesitant, he pulls the rope up and lets it follow.

When training a butterfly dog ​​to stop, as long as the training is advanced, it will become relatively simple. But when the owner wants to stop the butterfly dog, he lifts the chain upward. Simultaneously pat the thigh with one hand, and then press the butterfly dog’s hip to let it sit down. At the same time, after training this content, it is also in disguise to let the butterfly dog ​​learn to sit down this movement.

After the Butterfly Dog learns to sit down, the owner can train the Butterfly Dog to lie down. At this time, the palm of the master can be swiped back like a swim. After giving gestures, you can assist them in making movements. To collect money, hold the two legs in front of the butterfly dog ​​with one hand, and gently press the top of their head downward with the other hand. After the butterfly dog ​​lay down, the owner issued a password not to move again. At the same time, the palm of your hand is going to gently push its body. As long as the butterfly dog ​​can hold on for three minutes, it will also understand the long lying movement.

Also in the process of training butterfly dogs, the owner can choose a relatively open space. Because butterfly dogs are easily distracted during training, there must be no factors that can interfere with them in the environment they choose. Only in this way can the butterfly dog ​​study seriously. Master can only choose one kind of training content at a time, and it is controlled at about 15-20 minutes a day. If the time is too long, it is easy to lose patience training butterfly dogs is a very long process. They cannot be successful after one training session. The host will spend more time and energy during this period, but as long as they think that their success in training will make ordinary life more interesting, I believe that you can stick to it. Everyone has a way to be told to leave a message to the editor.