Kourtney Kardashian Sexuality: Is She Autosexual? Discussion On Poosh

This time it is Kourtney Kardashian Sexuality in the headlines. She has been part of a discussion about autosexuality. It is present on the POOSH website. The autosexuality topic has been turned into a debate.

Details About Kourtney Kardashian 

Kourtney Kardashian Sexuality, is the eldest among the Kardashian siblings. Kourtney is also a successful businesswoman. She is a known TV reality celebrity and a model.

Kourtney is married to drummer Travis Barker. He is the famous musician in the Blink 182 rock band. They have a son together, Rocky. Kourtney first grabbed the public’s attention with ‘Keeping Up With Kardashians.’

POOSH website for lifestyle and fashion was launched by Kourtney in 2019. Eldest Kardashian also co-owns a boutique, D-A-S-H. She indulges in a lot of ventures other than Television.

Kourtney has been extensively expanding her business profile. In 2022, she came up with a health brand ‘Lemme.’ She is involved in Jewellery and skincare businesses. Kourtney has also written two books.

Kourtney Kardashian Sexuality: Is She Autosexual? Discussion on POOSH

An article presented on her website, POOSH, has started a debate. The content was about Autosexuality. Now, people want to know what is Kourtney’s sexuality.

However, the topic of discussion was something other than her preferences. But, she was in an intellectual conversation with a therapist, Casey Tanner. She was talking about its intricate details.

Kourtney was trying to make people aware of this concept. Because many people are indeed autosexuals; however, they just never knew it.

As the discussion advances, Kourtney also reveals her sexuality. Kourtney is, in fact, an autosexual. She and therapist Casey also shared their experiences.


If we talk about autosexuality, which is a sub-part of engaging in explicit activities. However, its concept is different from the usual. It is also a complex realm.

In simple terms, one should feel the attraction for themselves. The attraction here means physical attraction. On the POOSH website, they discussed it in a positive light. They encouraged readers to appreciate themselves.


‘Tour Photos Are Out’ Travis, Baby Barker, and Kourtney are Taking centre stage!

Kourtney’s husband has shared pictures from his New Zealand and Australia tours. It was

Blink 182 band tour. Pictures were being shared on Travis’s Instagram. Rocky Thirteen Barker stole the limelight.

Rocky Barler’s adorable foot has been featured in the picture. It was casually on his father’s drum. The baby’s face has not been revealed yet.

Penelope Disick and Reign Disick are the children of Kourtney from the previous relationships. They also joined the tour. Mason Disick also sometimes goes on tours. Along with her mother and with Travis Barker.

Know Kourtney Sexuality Here

Kourtney Kardashian Sexuality has been trending because of her autosexuality discussion. She was engaged in a discussion with Casey Tanner, a therapist. The content is on her website POOSH.

Being autosexual means a person who is attracted towards themselves. Kourtney also considers herself an autosexual person. She has been outspoken about her sexuality always.


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