The top ten most docile dogs in the world!

The top ten most docile dogs in the world!

1. Husky

Huskies are friendly, tame, outgoing, smart, and lively, easy to teach, like group work, but not wary of strangers, so they are not suitable for guard dogs. Compared with dogs of the same size, Huskies only have 2/3 or even 1/2 of their food intake, and raising them is really a food ration.

2. Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever retriever is friendly, reliable, and reliable. The Golden Retriever retriever is smart and easy to train. Needless to say to the owner first, even very kind to those who met for the first time. Feeding method: I like training with humans the most. It is easy to train and can participate in training competitions. Brush your hair every day.

3. Labrador

Labrador is a fairly balanced and very comprehensive breed. It is easy to be trained and is a highly compliant dog breed. The Labrador Retriever is gentle, intelligent, easy to train, lively and active, loyal to the master, and obey the command. It is the most popular and trusted family dog.

4. Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard dog is very docile, easy to get close to, and very forgiving of children. It is loyal to its owner and easy to train. If you give enough space, food, and exercise, you can become a good family dog.

5. Samoyed

Samoyed is alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble and elegant, cute and cute, has a very striking appearance, has the title of “smile angel”, also has “smile angel face, trick or treat the devil’s heart” Dogs can be patiently bred, nursed, and tuned as human partners and friends. It can’t be moody, cold, or hot.

6. Bigger

Bigger is lively and not afraid of life and likes to be close to humans. The daily training of Beagle dogs is very important, especially when I was a child because Beagle dogs were very naughty and very destructive when they were children.

7. Bichon


Bichon is gentle and well-behaved, sensitive, playful, and affectionate. A pleasant attitude is a characteristic of this breed, and it is easy to be satisfied with small things. Dog breeds that are more lively and active than bear dogs and consume more calories. 150-180 grams of meat should be added to the daily feed of bear dogs. The water is reconciled and fed.

8. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are the smallest of small dog breeds, with the tough will, elegance, vigilance, stickiness, and other characteristics. Chihuahuas also have personality in eating, and the gastrointestinal function is not good, but they are particularly edible. Hurry, and soon be hungry. So feeding it is best to eat less and eat more meals.

9. Teddy

Teddy is smart, lively, and has a good temperament, is very easy to approach people, and is a very loyal dog breed. It is a very active, elegant and alert dog breed, with a perfect body proportion and its vigorous movements, reflecting a confident posture. After traditional pruning and careful combing, poodles will show noble temperament and inherent uniqueness.

10. Bulldog 

The Great composition with a bulldog. It looks beautiful and has a kingly appearance. It looks majestic and stable, but the heart is still very gentle and kind.looks beautiful and has a kingly appearance. It looks majestic and stable, but the heart is still very gentle and kind keeping dogs and other pets bring happiness to many people and families. People are willing to spend a certain amount of time and money to look after their pets. Many people treat pets as family members.

The best guard dog in the world of pet dogs.

It is a star in the bulldog world

It is the best among guard dogs

It is synonymous with loyalty

It is the pride of Italians

It has the demeanor

It has noble blood and unyielding character

It is recognized as the world ’s first guard dog: Callow

Resilience, bloody fighting, endlessness, fearlessness are its characters.

Like a pet dog, Castro has excellent endurance, high alertness, and absolute loyalty to his owner.

As early as in ancient Rome, its ancestor “Canis Pugnaxs” helped humans participate in the hunting of large beasts (these prey also include the lion king of beasts). In the war, it is also the auxiliary of the soldiers, and the results are huge. This huge size, the full force with a typical Mastiff physical characteristics of the bulldog “Canis Pugnaxs” is cathro and Niu Boli Dayton common ancestor. For many years, it has been a loyal and considerate partner of Italians.

When he was young, he looked pretty cute, like sharpie covered with dark skin and wrinkled skin, and his little ears were covered with short hairs, and his eyes were always looking at you. In fact, Cassow puppies require you to spend some time every day to accompany and train it. (Because Castro is not like other pet dogs, the bigger it is, the harder it will be to train.) It will also clearly delineate its own territory. It needs to be in contact with different people or dogs in different environments. This It will be very helpful in the future.

Regarding vigilance, Italian dogs are doing very well

When it feels that its safety, the safety of its territory, or the safety of its owner is in danger, it is very sensitive and will act quickly. If the other party has not stopped, it will enter a state of full battle. It is also useless, because once it starts fighting, its vigorous fighting spirit, defiant demeanor, and fierce fighting power will completely destroy the invaders’ fighting ability or even die. These battles include humans, but also dogs and other animals.

It is worth noting that even in a disadvantaged situation, it will not flinch. It will not escape, it will only repair the dead, and fight in the end.

This is why it can become the world’s first guard dog among many pet dogs.



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