Travelers Brace for Possible Strikes: Lufthansa and Aviation Unions Yet to Reach Agreements

Some travelers in have to prepare for further strikes. Transport companies and trade unions in the respective sectors have not yet been able to come to an agreement, and industrial action cannot be ruled out even over Easter. For some parties to the conflict, it will be decided this week what will happen next.

So that travelers are now prepared and can plan better, we have summarized the possible strikes in travel for the near future in an overview.

Lufthansa Faces Risk of More Strikes

Lufthansa has not yet been able to reach an agreement with several unions, which increases the risk of further warning strikes. Verdi is also negotiating on several fronts at airports, and it will be decided in the next few days whether there will be further strikes.

Lufthansa ground staff: Strike possible on Easter Sunday

Whether Lufthansa employees will go on strike again soon depends, on the one hand, on whether Verdi and the company can reach an agreement in the arbitration of the collective bargaining dispute. On the other hand, it depends on the outcome of the parallel ballot vote.

This starts on Tuesday, March 19th and runs until March 28th , Maundy Thursday before the Easter weekend. If the mediation does not lead to an agreement and the strike vote supports so-called forced strikes, strikes could occur again “quickly after the end of the strike vote,” Verdi said in a press release on March 18th.

The arbitration agreement that both parties are currently seeking stipulates that the arbitration will begin next Monday, March 25th, and end with a collective bargaining committee meeting no later than Thursday, March 28th, it is said.

The dispute is about collective bargaining for around 25,000 ground workers . According to Verdi, the employers did not submit an improved offer in the fifth round of negotiations on March 13th and 14th. Verdi negotiator Marvin Reschinsky describes the upcoming arbitration in the collective bargaining dispute with Lufthansa as the “last chance to prevent a forced strike.”

If there is no agreement in the collective bargaining dispute among Lufthansa ground staff, a strike on Easter Sunday would be possible, the Verdi negotiator confirmed, according to “ Wirtschafts-Woche ”.


Strike in the Lufthansa cabin? UFO and Lufthansa are negotiating again

At the same time, Lufthansa is also in conflict with the Independent Flight Attendant Organization, or UFO for short. The union declared the collective bargaining negotiations for around 18,000 cabin employees to have failed on February 16th . From February 26th, 12 p.m., to March 6th, 12 p.m., UFO called on its members to vote. 96.28 percent voted for industrial action, UFO announced.

The strikes followed shortly afterwards: UFO had called on the cabin crew of Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cityline to stop work for two days. Departures from Frankfurt were affected on Tuesday, March 12th, and departures from Munich on Wednesday, March 13th. As the dpa reported, 400 flights with 50,000 passengers were unable to take off.

Both parties have been back at the negotiating table since Friday, March 15th, UFO summarized in a statement dated March 18th. However, as long as there is no agreement, strikes are still possible here.

Aviation security strike still possible

Verdi also called on aviation security forces at several German airports to go on a warning strike on March 14th and 15th . According to the airport association ADV, 90,000 passengers had to cope with flight cancellations and delays on Thursday alone.

In the five rounds of collective bargaining with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies (BDLS) so far, no agreement has been reached to increase wages for the industry’s approximately 25,000 employees nationwide, Verdi said in a press release on March 12th . “The employers recently presented an improved but still inadequate offer. We can’t get along like that,” said Wolfgang Pieper, Verdi negotiator.

The collective bargaining parties want to continue the negotiations in the sixth round on March 20, 2024 . If no agreement is reached at the negotiating table, there could also be further industrial action.


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