What are pets?

What are pets?

Pets, also known as companion animals (Companion animal), generally is a person for fun bred animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, birds, and fish, the most common. Most pets do n’t eat it at their owners. There is a great demand for pets, which has led to the formation of the pet market.

Pets are part of the family

“The most important thing is to start with the natural needs and habits of animals, such as the habit of sleeping, eating, or playing.

Pets are not just animals, but members of the family. Pets are our good friends. They are a bit quaint and have their own personalities. Therefore, IKEA specially created the LURVIG series for them.

The pet series brings a variety of stylish, durable, and affordable products that can be integrated into the original home furnishing. Most importantly, the series starts from the perspective of pets, centering on their natural needs and habits.