Why did the cat stop eating dry food?

Why did the cat stop eating dry food?

Dry feed is very convenient for cat owners. No need to stand at the stove, preparing separate dishes for your pet, trying to balance the diet, no need to buy vitamins separately. In a good dry feed of super-premium, all this is already there.

Yes, cats are not people. They do not need variety. On the contrary, feeding the same products to which the gastrointestinal tract of a pet is getting used to is preferable to them than a daily diet change. However, it happens that a cat or cat refuses a seemingly familiar and proven food. What is the reason for the refusal?

The food is spoiled

One of the most common reasons cats refuse dry food is that it is rancid or windy. The smell of pets is much sharper than the human one, and the cat will never eat food that smells bad, even if its owners think that everything is in order with food. The industrial feed can deteriorate both at the end of its shelf life and due to improper storage conditions. Do not store food unclosed, close to the battery, or allow it to get wet. If your pet has eaten this food excellently and with pleasure, there may be no need to completely change the diet, and the problem of refusing food can be solved by buying a new package of the usual food.

The food does not fit the cat

It happens that the food for some reason does not fit the cat, however, the owners notice this only when the pet completely refuses food. The owners should be alerted by an irregular, liquid, or, conversely, too dense stool of the animal, bad breath that appeared when changing the feed. Also, signs that the food is not suitable is excessive thinness or, conversely, obesity in a cat or unplanned abundant molting. If these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor and change the feed. 

Too many goodies

If the food is picked up correctly, it is stored normally, and the cat, eating it, looked great, but then suddenly it began to refuse food, then it is worth analyzing the pet’s diet. Perhaps you spoil your pet too much, regularly offering him, in addition to the standard portion of food, various goodies. Of course, a cat likes sweets much more than the usual diet, and she tries to get them more often. In order to solve the problem of hunger strikes, you should completely cancel the treats and leave only the usual daily food intake.

Failure to feed due to illness

Sometimes refusal of food is not associated at all with the vagaries of the animal, but with serious health problems. Refusal to eat, general cat lethargy, unusual behavior, dull coat – these are symptoms that require immediate attention to a veterinarian. You can do this even without leaving your home – in the Petstory mobile application, veterinarians will advise you online in the format of a chat, audio, or video call.