Will anybody tire of Biden’s lies?

Probably the most blatant lies about every thing have turn out to be commonplace.

I am not speaking about conservatives right here. Or the lies about fuel costs, little one sexual abuse or democracy.

Probably the most blatant lies about every thing have turn out to be commonplace. Take Biden’s push to make South Carolina the primary Democratic main state.

There’s a motive and everybody is aware of what it’s.

Rep. Clyburn can ship the black vote, which means the Democratic main, to Biden. He did it this time, he is nearly dedicated to doing it once more. Placing SC first on the first schedule is an prompt win for Biden. Knocking off Iowa would keep away from a humiliating loss out of the gate. Everybody is aware of why Biden does it.

And by mendacity about it, the Biden White Home is insulting the media and its personal occasion.

The White Home rejects the concept a change championed by President Biden to maneuver South Carolina onto the 2024 election calendar is rewarding a state that boosted his 2020 marketing campaign, arguing the transfer is a solution to promote numerous voices within the primaries Democratic primaries. .

These “numerous voices” are what favor it. That is additionally why Bernie’s persons are preventing SC as the primary selection. Neither previous white pirate cares about variety. They’re reshaping their very own voters in the identical means that they’re reshaping the nationwide voters. And so they insist on mendacity about it.

White Home press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week dismissed the concept the transfer is a solution to reward South Carolina for Biden’s victory there.

“That is not what it’s,” he advised reporters Tuesday. “It had nothing to do with the first outcomes. And I can undoubtedly say that.”

Undoubtedly. Any severe journalist would have laughed out loud.

Karine Jean-Pierre is mendacity. Everybody is aware of he is mendacity. And but the identical Republican lie-calling media will not say it. No reality checker will bounce on that. The media has realized to like Biden’s lies. And the punishment for accepting lies is to be deceived by them till they lead you to spoil.

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